Cobra 29 Mods

Frequency mods, Power mods, Modulation mods, Receiver mods 

How to Add a Freq Counter  That works on both TX and RX

How to Add a Fet as the Driver  

How to Drive a mosfet driver and final harder 

How to Add a Slider - That actually works

How to "Volt" the Final/Driver/Audio Amp

How to install the BME / Wabisabi  and keep the 4 watt carrier

How to get 80 Channels + "A" channels with the Stock PLL 

How to add freqs to the new AM/FM cobra 29 - Ongoing

How to build and install an Audio Switch if you direct inject

How to Rewind the Modualtion Transfromer for +100%. 

How to R and R the cheap steel laminations with Nickel Core Laminates

How to build and install a few different types of AM detectors - Dump the diode 


 Coming soon